Barents Low Volume Roads Management KO 243

    ENPI Kolarctic CBC
    AutoDor Consulting ltd.
    399 ths.Euro
“The Barents Low Volume Road Management “ is a project financially granted in the first call of proposals within the Kolarctic ENPI CBC Programme (2007-2013) – European neighborhood and partnership instrument aimed at developing cooperation between EU/Russia border adjacent territories.

The Project budget
- 399657 Euro.
Duration - 30 months (January 2011 - July 2013).
The Lead Partner - AvtoDor Consulting ltd. (Russia, Arkhangelsk)
The Partners:
Lapland ELY (Finland, Lapland)
ArkhagelskAvtodor (Russia, Arkhangelsk region)
MurmanskAvtodor (Russia, Murmansk region)

The main objective of the Project is getting the road engineers from the Russian Barents region territories (Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions) involved in the international ROADEX cooperation- a sectoral platform developed by the Northern Europe road professionals to exchange innovations and jointly solve specific road construction and maintenance challenges of the Northern periphery territories.

The main project tasks are as follows:

• Expanding innovational space of the Barents region to improve transport accessibility of the remote areas – the core precondition for boosting local business, increasing employment and quality of life for local population;
• Disseminating effective principles of low volume road management maintenance technologies to increase efficiency of available sectoral resources;
• Mitigating impact of nature, climatic and seasonal effects on road bearing capacity and its reliable functionality as a basis of local industry logistics and competitiveness on external markets;
• Introducing technologies and practices taking into account specifics of local conditions and available construction materials;
• Improving safety of roads for road users and local eco-systems and mitigating impacts of transport activities on environment and climate.

The expected project results:
• Improved qualification of Russian road professionals resulted from project actions;
• Improved quality of managerial and engineering decisions, which will result in better road conditions for the users within the available sectoral resources;
• Russian Barents Region road engineers involved in international cooperation for sustainable development of innovations in road sector aimed at higher efficiency and quality, as well as environment-friendly nature of roads for the users – population and business of the Northern periphery.
Report Date Author
01. Kick off seminar. Arkhangelsk. January 2011
1_Kick_off meeting programme_eng_rus.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
2 Kolarctic ENPI CBC Programme presentation_eng_rus.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
3 KO 243 Presentation_eng.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
5 Lapin ELY_eng.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
8 ADC Ltd_eng.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
9 Project Partners Expectations.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
10 ROADEX know_how and prospects_eng.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
11 Inquiry form_eng_rus.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
12 Inquiry analysis_rus_eng.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
13 Planning project actions for 6 months_eng.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Minutes kick-off.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
02. Drainage seminar. Arkhangelsk. July 2011
1 Forest and gravel road management principles ru.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
2 Forest roads_survey and design ru.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
3 Drainage on Low Volume Roads I ru.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
3 Drainage on Low Volume Roads II ru.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
4 Barents LVR Survey methods final ru.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
ROADEX IV status Arkangelsk.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
1 Arkhangelsk Training seminar analytical report 6_7.07.2011.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
03. Roads on peat seminar. Murmansk. November 2011
Training seminar analytical report 25_26.11.2011_eng.pdf 24.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Barents tests in Finland.pdf 24.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Gravel road management Murmansk.pdf 24.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Human body vibrations Murmansk.pdf 24.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Material treatment Murmansk.pdf 24.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Roads on peat Murmansk.pdf 24.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
04. Heavy vehicle seminar. Rovaniemi April 2012
Rovaniemi analytical report_eng.pdf 29.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Barents Kolarctic Seminar_J Granlund_Poor road condition as a health risk(2).pdf 29.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Barents_Case Arkhangelsk_12042012.pdf 29.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Barents_Case HW4 Finland.pdf 29.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Barents_Case Murmansk.pdf 29.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Lime stabilization Nyandoma eng.pdf 29.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Roads on peat.pdf 29.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Truck axles tyre types tyre pressures and road performance(3).pdf 29.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
05. Final seminar. Arkhangelsk. May 2013
Final Press release 280513.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Final seminar programme_280513.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Summary of Final seminar_280513.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Lapin ELY.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
ROADEX I publications
Steering Group Provisions_020211.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
1 Generation of snow smoke behind heavy vehicles.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
1 Road condition management in the Northern Periphery_eng.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
1 Roadex 75 page summary.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
1 winter maintenance 74 pages.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
1 Winter maintenance practice_23 pages.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
ROADEX II publications
Dealing with bearing capacity problems on lvr constructed on peat.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Drainage on lvroads.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Environmental guidelines pocket book.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Environmental guidelines.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Guidelines for the risk management of peat slips on the construction of low volume_low cost roads over peat.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Managing spring thaw weakening on low volume roads.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Material treatment.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Permanent deformation.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Roadex I update survey.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Socio economic impacts of road conditions on low volume roads.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Structural innovations.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
User perspective to roadex II test areas road network service level.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
ROADEX III publications
Design and repair of roads suffering spring thaw weakening.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Developing drainage guidelines for maintenance contracts.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Environmental Guidelines.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Health issues raised by poorly maintained road networks.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Managing drainage on low volume roads.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Managing peat related problems on low volume roads.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Managing Rutting in low volume roads.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Monitoring Low volume roads.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Policies for forest roads_some proposals.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Road condition management policies for low volume roads_ tests and development of proposals.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Road construction in Greenland_the Greenlandic case.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Socio economic impacts of road conditions on low volume roads.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Treatment of moisture susceptible aggregates.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Tyre pressure control on timber haulage vehicles.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Understanding low volume pavement response to heavy traffic loading.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
ROADEX IV publications
ROADEX IV for NPP.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Steering Group meeting #1
1 Steering Group minutes_040211.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Heavy Haulage Pilot Lappi Jukalle.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Informational letter from Swedish TA_eng.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Steering Group meeting #2
Steering Group Meeting N 2 AGENDA.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Steering Group Meeting N 2 MINUTES.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Steering Group meeting #4
Steering Group meeting 4.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
Chronology of actions within the BLVRM Project.pdf 22.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting
BLVRM Leaflet-eng.pdf 23.08.2016 г. AutoDor Consulting